There is a voice inside of me telling me to go running in nature with my friends. to not let being unpreared stand in the  way. to not letting not knowing how to stand in the way. to do it anyways. Beauty we all start somewhere. And it feels so amazing to exercise in nature! 


To an incredible night filled with love and celebrating tradition of decorating the tree together. And for sharing 2011 goals with me. And for our connection and for dancing together and for our silliness and for all the things we are looking forward to together this holiday season. I am so grateful for you.♡


For the tears, the release, the perspective. What is truly important? Connecting, healing, loving, being, nature, puppies. Yup, puppies made the list! 

For a man that cares so deeply for me, takes me into his arms and truly listens. I see only love in his eyes.

For the lessons and opportunities every day brings! 

For the glorious rain!

For my beautiful, safe home. 


Grateful for connecting with a new group of ladies.

Grateful for exciting new opportunities at work.

Grateful for the abundance my business brings in.

Grateful for rest and healing.

Grateful for this incredible life I am creating.

Grateful for love and fuego!


Yosemite trip notes.

Food: tortilla, hummus, cheese, peas. rice, dehydrated beans, shredded cheese, peppers, avocado, spices, tortilla, fritos. Apples, sausage, peach, wine, whiskey. Rice noodles, tofu, dehydrated veggies, powdered soup mix, olive oil, salt. Oatmeal, dehyrated blueberries, shredded coconut, nuts, chia seeds, brown sugar. Champagne, strawberries, cookies. Chocolate. Coffee, powdered milk, sugar, tea, hot chocolate. Biscotti. Jerky, trail mix, peanut butter pretzels, peanut butter honey sandwich.

Things I’m glad I had: camp chair, face wipes, chapstick, sunscreen, layers, batteries, sol kit, claratin, water bottle, gloves, buff, hat, hiking poles.

Things I wish I had: body wipes, better chapstick, extra pair of socks, sleep mask, warmer sleeping pad.

Things I learned/experienced: how to use a whisperlight stove, how to poop in the woods, how to start a flaming v fire, sleep with less clothes to be warm, topo on your fist. Yogi tea. How to properly wear my bag. 

Do more: stretching, hydration. Taking notes while on the trail. Meditation. Braid my hair.

Intention setting pre-trip. 

Let people discover you.